This is the story of Nil Ratan Sircar Medical College:

In 1987 Sealdah Market Building (at present central hall) was converted to Sealdah Municipal Hospital. On 1st Dec. 1873 the Sealdah Medical School was born out of the Sealdah Municipal Hospital. In 1984 it was named as Campbell Medical School and later on in June 1948 upgraded as Campbell Medical College. On 10th Aug. 1950 the College was renamed as Nilratan Sircar Medical College after the name of the great freedom fighter and alumni of this institution.

In 1985 the Lady Elliot Hostel, an artistically designed building was built out of a charity fund of Rs. 24.040/- generously donated by Her Highness of Mursidabad-Sams-E-Jahan Begum Paradua Mahal Shahiba which is still standing.

This Institution has many things to boast of, in 1921 a great invent took place here in this Alma Mater, Sir U.N. Brahmachari discovered Urea Stibamine- a medicine which put the last nail in the coffin of devilish disease called Killer-kala-a-zar, which remains a landmark in the history of medical discoveries till date.

The late great legendary B. C. Ray, Ex. Chief Minister of West Bengal, the giant politician and medical wizard taught Anatomy and Materia Medica in this Institution between 1912-1918. It was in the institution that Late Prof. A. K. Saha, another stalwart in the history of Medical Science, performed his leading experiment on "Dislocation of Soulder Joint" - a path breaking pioneer landmark.

Late Dr. A.K. Basu, a noted surgeon successfully performed the first cardiac surgery in this country in this institution and carved a place of pride for himself and this institution in the annals of Medical History. Thus, this great and growing medical college has earned laurels and leading position in the past and rightfully feels proud of its achievements.

One of the most remarkable feature of this Institution is its Library on the 3rd floor of Academic Building with the large, well ventilated and well furnished reading room. This Library covers an area of 12,000 sq. ft. space. This library is proposed and designed to serve as a Central Medical Library.

A Medical teachers' training center of the state has already been setup in the Academic Building of this Institution. A few batches have already received training in different disciplines. the training center is an asset and help towards better understanding and insight in different aspects of medical science. More training programmes are in the offing.

Apart from under-graduate courses, the post-graduate degree and diploma and diploma courses in various disciplines are run. The colleges partakes in BDS, MDS, and NIOH curriculum including theory and practical classes.

A General Nursing-cum- Midwifery Course for 3 years with 50 yearly admission is another side of this institution. There is a great fush and demand of this course. But the accommodation is relatively less than desirable. Moves are on to increase and strengthen this wing of the college.

This College and Hospital had a bed strength of 1890. During the year 1998,62,165 patients were admitted and 56,310 were discharged, The total number OD patients treated in O.P.D during the year were 8,25,699. The total number of patients attended in Emergency was 1,04,410. The total No. of operation done were 24,867 of which 16,181 were of major cases and 8,686 were minor. the number of patients who received dialysis were 987. The statistic as above indicate the load of patients taken care of.

Other Notes:

N.R.S. Medical College celebrated it's 50th year along with the 50th year of Indian Independence, however, it's story starts long before 1947. Here is a chronological sequence of events in the life of this institution.

1873-Birth of Sealdah Municipal Hospital

1874-Renamed as Campbell Medical College

1848-Campbell Medical College and Hospital. Some people still remember NRS by this name

10th August 1950-Formation of N.R.S. Medical College & Hospital. N.R.S. has been evolving steadily since then.

Anatomy Department gets a separate Building.
[-1914]-the morgue was built.
The Central Hall.


1915 - 1917
[-1916] Fraser Ward and Baker Ward made.
O.P.D. set up.
Lady Elliot's Hostel [for girls]

1922 - 1923-AB Ward

1961, extended 1972-Boy's Students Hostel.

1973 - 1974-Chest OPD [separate]

1974-U N B Building.

1978-Centenary building.

1991-Academy Building.

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