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PLAB,IELTS and UK Experience
Tuesday, 21 March 2006
Proposed protest in response to the changes
Letter from Dr Satheesh Mathew:*
*Dear friends,

You have heard from Dr. Ramesh Mehta that we are planning on a
peaceful demonstration in front of Department of Health. Sooner the
better. I have been entrusted with the responsibility of organising
this demonstration on behalf of BAPIO. We are also planning on
signing petitions to be submitted to the Health Secretary.

I do not know of any other medical organisation, which has organised
such a demonstration at least within the last twenty-five years. We
will be holding a preliminary meeting in my hospital with a handful
of members next week. The week after we will hold a bigger meeting
in Eastham. If any one knows of a venue, which will hold, about 100
people please let me know. Then depending upon the response we will
hold the demonstration in front of Department of health as soon as
is practicable.

I keep on saying that there are about 5000 post plab unemployed
doctors in this country. If there are 5000 PPUD's then we should
have at least 5000 doctors for our demonstration in Central London.
We cannot expect others to fight for us. We have to take
responsibility and fight for our cause. I also hope many other
doctors currently in training and more senior people to join us.

About Seniors =96 many of them are already British citizens, many of
their children are already local graduates and there others who are
in Medical schools. This new rule if they look at it with selfish
intend is good for them in the short term but not in the long
term. I hope that many of the seniors will also be able to join us
for the demonstration.

Dr. Satheesh Mathew
Consultant Paediatrician
Newham University Hospital
London, E13 8SL
Phone: (W) 02073639274
(H) 02082520593

Posted by nrsmc at 4:43 PM GMT

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