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LLT Just the way you remember it.

This is a set of photos that came to me after I put up the page. Owing to the number of pics on this page, this will take time to load.I'll classify this page as soon as possible.Please send me your college pics.If you can't scan them send the pics to :

Sunando Ghosh

H No 188 Sector 14

Faridabad 121 007



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 Shipra: The current college hang out.

  Saraswati Puja in college.


Choreography by medicos 97 at their fresher's party.

 Usha di at one of our college fests.

 Not in the college campus, but very much a part of it : Victoria Memories J

My inspiration in college:Sukhdeep di

Some of the photos on this page were given by Dr Udayan Majumdar [bibo]

our college library.