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  Want to join NRS? 1] How to get in......West Bengal Joint Entrance Examinations or All India Pre Medical Examinations[CBSE]...if you are appearing for either...GOOD LUCK!! or else Good Luck again :)
2] What's good about NRS?....Everything. This is becoming the best medical college in this part of the country. See MCI rankings if you don't believe.
3] Attitude.....Helpful, eager, ACADEMIC.
4] RAGGING???????????? NRS HAS A RECORD OF ZERO RAGGING ABSOLUTELY NO RAGGING; and believe me this still helps us be good friends with our peers.
5] HOSTELS???? Respectable accomodations for both boys and girls [Separate Hostels] And every one gets rooms.
6] Help ...We're there.
7] Anything else you want to know?

  Company Headquarters:
N R S Medical College
138 AJC Bose Road
CalcuttAa 14

For all you eager undergrad's wishing to join NRS...WELL COME ON IN!!!!!