Are you seeking admission to N.R.S.?

        How to get admitted to N.R.S : Appear in West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination. Or All India Pre Medical Entrance Examination.

        What's good about NRS?....Everything. This is becoming the best medical college in this part of the country. See MCI rankings if you don't believe.

        Attitude.....Helpful, eager, ACADEMIC .

        RAGGING???????????? NRS HAS A RECORD OF ZERO RAGGING ABSOLUTELY NO RAGGING; and believe me this still helps us be good friends with our peers.

        HOSTELS???? Respectable accommodations for both boys and girls [Separate Hostels] And every one gets rooms.

        Help ...We're there.

        If you wish to know anything more contact us

        Fees : one of the lowest among any government college in India.

        Hostel Facilities : Boys Girls

        Co-curricular activities :Other than studies, N.R.S. has drama, quiz, and music clubs a college magazine, festivals, sporting events etc.